Come all you mortals and gather round
To hear the tale of the Spiral Down
Power over the great unseen
The Spirit was made obsolete
Come people,
To hear the warped generation
Should they realize they were forced to 
Pass on such a twisted belief
Just because it’s always been
Tradition, Laws and Lies
The prison of Civility
Tall Tale Industry
A thousand dreamers crept as one dream
Journey’d by the colder sun
Knocked at the chamber’s gate
Endless dream and endless night
Small voices drift in ancient tongue
Mindful to their deepest wish
For a home to the love weary heart
In soft embrace I now arise
And search for peace in hungering eyes

Our starlit world, the past remains
Forgotten by linear spite
One thousand pairs of second sight
Who through my eyes at last may see
We are divinity
We choose to be.

Copyright ® Vaggelis Iliopoulos
All Rights Reserved

— Uper Memory Block —

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