I walk with phantoms and leaves are burning at my feet
I walk with phantoms
Sometimes they rage
Sometimes they fade
Singing the hum of the walking dead
Here is the truth:
Seven wonders
and the will to live

All this will Change
All this will wash away the sins of the Corrupt Age
Don’t be afraid
We are the Underground
Their world is what they’ve made

They’ve shattered us for generations
Enough to tear our hearts to splinters
Force the choice but don’t dare ask why
Close your eyes and let the laws dictate
By God or by Man: mass-manipulate
But to us, the Barbarians of Idealism.

Their Hell is what they’ve made
We’ve born our smiles but silently waged war
We are the Savages, the true civilized
Let those called “sane” now lose their minds.

Copyright ® Vaggelis Iliopoulos
All Rights Reserved

— Here is the truth —

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